Yoga - Open Yoga | Age 11-14

The Drop-In Youth Yoga Program is built on a foundation of yoga & mindfulness practices where participants engage in age-appropriate mindfulness-based activities and meditation. This program provides youth aged 10-17 with increased self-awareness and self-regulation skills, along with an improved physical, mental and emotional well-being. This program is developed and lead by New Leaf Foundation and delivered in partnership with MLSE LaunchPad. 

About New Leaf Foundation:
Founded in 2007, New Leaf Foundation is a non-profit organization that creates a web of support through long-term frontline programs in priority schools, alternative education initiatives, low-income communities and youth justice settings, as well as training opportunities for young leaders and youth caregivers.
New Leaf Foundation is dedicated to bringing mindfulness and yoga-based tools into spaces that are least-served and often most stigmatized, increasing access to positive resources for youth who face violence, neglect, poverty and marginalization, providing opportunity to build resilience, self-empowerment and leadership. To learn more about the great work New Leaf Foundation is doing in the community, visit:

To register, contact for more information.

Program Dates

Winter 2
Time: 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Dates: February 10th to April 18th