Current Research Projects

MLSE LaunchPad is conducting a 2-year longitudinal repeated-measures mixed-methods trial with a sample consisting of all consenting program participants. The primary objectives are to determine if ongoing participation in Sport For Development programming leads to the following outcomes:

For Youth Aged 6-12:
  • Increased physical literacy
  • Increased physical activity
  • Continued participation in sport
For Youth Aged 12-18:
  • Increased positive health behaviours including increased physical activity
  • Increased life skills
  • Increased academic outcomes
  • Continued participation in sport
For Youth Aged 18-29:
  • Increased job readiness
  • Increased life skills
  • Increased rates of placement in employment, apprenticeship, or training
  • Continued participation in sport
Ethical approval has been granted by the Community Research Ethics office and recruitment is underway. Please contact with any questions you may have, or to sign up for research if you are a registered MLSE LaunchPad member.

This project explores the changing nature of sport corporate social responsibility (CSR) within MLSE. Interviews and a historical document review will inform a detailed case study of the past, present, and imminent future of sport CSR at MLSE. 
The following issues will be explored and discussed as part of this research project:
  • History of sport CSR at MLSE leading to the development of the MLSE LaunchPad model
  • Current corporate strategy and relationship to sport CSR initiatives
  • Collaboration model for sport CSR including authentic partnerships with local stakeholders
  • Sustainability of community development created by sport CSR initiatives such as MLSE LaunchPad
  • Role of measurement and evaluation in sport CSR initiatives
  • Implications and potential benefits of the LaunchPad model of sport CSR
  • Applicability of the LaunchPad model across the pro sport industry in North America and beyond
Igniting Fitness Possibilities (IFP) is a new community-based pilot program combining innovative physical literacy programming with community-based research. The program is designed to inspire youth with and without disabilities to get more active. It will launch at MLSE LaunchPad in September 2017 in collaboration with the developers of the program at the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education (University of Toronto) and at Bloorview Research Institute in Toronto. The first part of IFP is called QuickStart, and the second part is Give it a Try.

International Physical Literacy Conference, Toronto, ON
April 12-15, 2017

MLSE LaunchPad: A Youth Focused Sport for Development Facility

SKETCHTalks Panel
May 4, 2017

Making an Impact: Corporate Social Innovation and the Future of Giving